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Our solutions for creating public recycling areas in your communities

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Global warming, the decline in biodiversity, the warming of the urban environment, the scarcity of resources, plastic pollution etc. All these issues are now in the news every day! Politics is a tool invented by man to solve problems that we cannot solve individually. Therefore, our Authorities must take measures to fix the causes of the problems but they must also take measures to minimise the consequences without affecting the causes. This is not an easy task at a time when there is a great deal of urgency for the sake of our children's future.

Donella and Dennis Meadows spoke of sustainable development when they published their book in 1972 (The Limits to Growth), while the MTI's World 3 algorithm revealed the inexorable fall in growth variables.

Today, after 2020, scientists, like Pablo Servigne, are talking about the collapse of our civilisation. We are not here to debate the truth between infinite growth or collapse, but science is showing us a  future which is increasingly uncertain.

So we better do something about it! So for you, dear Authorities, here are products and services to take care of our children's future.

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Our achievements in local communities


Nursery Les Petits Chronos

"At the Ptit's Chronos, we take pictures of the rubbish bins!" This is what Isabelle Plater-Zyberk, the director, says and we are thrilled! The "Ptit's Chronos" nursery in Geneva for the children of Rolex employees has been equipped with these superb Tri Multi which will make the daily life of the team, the parents and the children much easier. Emma, who works there, says: "Your recycling bins are wonderful, well done to you"... and thank you to you!



City of Gland

The "Sustainable Footprint" logo on this Tri Multi that the City of Gland has chosen to personalise reflects its commitment to the ecological transition. Leading a real energy and climate policy with clear objectives for the years to come, the municipality encourages its citizens to turn towards soft mobility and to fight against food waste.

ecole seeds of knowledge tri selectif reactis

Montessori School "Seeds of Knowledge"

"Maria Montessori was a visionary, she would undoubtedly be a believer in modern eco responsibility! In order to introduce good practices from a very young age, the Montessori school in Etoy has equipped its premises with brightly coloured Tri Uno.

Canton of Vaud

The Canton of Vaud has placed its trust in us by equipping its schools and administrative buildings with sober and elegant multi-sorting and gel dispensers.

EHL Hospitality Business School of Lausanne

Regularly ranked first in international rankings of the best hotel schools, EHL has a vision of excellence. As part of its eco-responsible approach, it is equipped with several Tri Uno. More than 80 pieces of 110-litre furniture delivered in one go: we are responsible in the way we deliver too!


The designers at Naturen are having fun. A wonderful creation specially prepared for the Vivre l'Entreprise and the Salon des Achats et l'environnement de travail in Paris.