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Tri Uno

The ultimate compact waste bin that allows you to recycle separately for each type of waste

Tri Uno is not only a space-saving recycling bin, it is also a smart recycling unit designed to meet the requirements for collecting, sorting and recycling waste in the offices of Swiss companies and communities.
How can it be used?

It' s easy to understand: 1 bin = 1 waste (trays, cardboard packaging, plastic packaging, corks, batteries, cartridges, glass bottles, batteries, organic waste, etc.) so no recycling mistakes and a significant space saving item (see dimensions at the bottom of this page)! It is a flexible option for small collective spaces that stays clean: no more broken foot pedals or lids that get stuck! You can also choose self-closing flaps, especially for organic waste or household waste bins.

With a capacity ranging from 25 to 110 litres and a minimum height of 55cms, the Tri Uno is technically unbeatable, making it one of the most robust in its weight range (we tested it for you!). Built to last, it allows for efficient recycling thanks to very clear recycling instructions.

In addition to being an efficient recycling point, the Tri Uno is fully customisable. As you will see with our achievements, you can use your own logo, your motto or any other visual that suits you. You can choose the pictograms of the different types of waste found in your organisation as well as the openings of the covers. If you have requirements in terms of fire resistance, this is a good thing, as aluminium does not burn and you can choose a solid cover to smother the flames inside the unit.


Waste recovery is essential, which is why our recycling units are made from 80% recycled aluminium. To speed up the implementation of recycling in your organisation, the Tri Uno will be delivered flat-packed, which saves shipping costs, road traffic and CO2. It can be installed instantly without tools or assembly.

Finally, it is treated to prevent streaking. Nevertheless, a soft microfibre cloth with water is sufficient to clean it. If the dirt is stubborn, use Aquama technology (

The Tri Uno will allow you to adapt your eco-point as you wish and to show your green values to your employees, visitors and residents!

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What is the Tri Uno?

How does that work?

See here some REACTIS achievements in Swiss companies that have adopted our recycling solution.

A few figures

25 Litres 40 Litres 65 Litres 110 Litres
Height (high and low) 55 cm / 51 cm 88 cm / 82 cm 81 cm / 73 cm 90,5 cm / 81,5 cm
Width 24,5 cm 24 cm 34,5 cm 38,5 cm
Deep 22 cm 22 cm 31 cm 34 cm
Thickness when folded 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm
Material Aluminium/composite Aluminium/composite Aluminium/composite Aluminium/composite
Use Inside Inside Inside Inside
Weight 1 kg 1,4 kg 2,3 kg 2,7 kg
Internal bin Yes Yes Yes Yes

Who is the Tri Uno made for?

Public organisations and communities
Companies: small to multinationals
Schools, associations and communities

Do you need help?

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