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The customisable pocket ashtray

A useful and ecological promotional gift within easy reach

cendrier de poche personnalisable

cendrier de poche personnalisable

Why do cigarette butts pollute?

REACTIS is not just a company that sells recycling units, it is a company that is committed to and concerned about current climate issues. We therefore have some information to pass on to you about cigarette butts and the damage they cause... There are many (too many) alarming figures about this small, highly polluting item, and we will give you two of them:

The city of Geneva found that 20,758,024 cigarette butts had been thrown on the ground in just two months on its streets.

According to the OFEV, the costs of cigarette litter nationwide amount to 53 million francs per year.

Besides the effects on health, a cigarette butt pollutes 500 litres of water and disintegrates in 2 to 3 years; why?

The cigarette butt is displaced by the wind, and often ends up in water, releasing and polluting with hundreds of chemical substances which are very difficult to biodegrade. At the same time, the filters are made of plastic which also take a long time to disintegrate, if they do at all.


Can we recycle cigarette butts?

The answer is yes! Of course, ideally, we would prefer not to see any butts at all for health reasons, but the fact is that butts are there, in our cities, and they could be recycled. How can they be recycled? By extracting the plastic from the filter, it is possible to mix it with other components and make a plastic material into, for example, an ashtray, information panels, etc.

And the other invisible way of recycling is that when a cigarette butt is collected (and not thrown away), it comes out of our environment. We therefore avoid over-pollution of the air, the dirt around the gutters and help protect the eco-system of our cities.

cendrier de poche personnalisable reactis

Where do you put your cigarette butts? ?

Well, in an ashtray! How can we encourage smokers to use them? By giving them one, even with your logo to show your environmental values!

That' s why we suggest the pocket-sized click-clack ashtray. What's in it for you?

Have you already tried communicating through objects by giving your employees, residents or customers goodies reflecting your company logo?  (pens, key rings, mugs etc) Think of the pocket ashtray. By printing your logo, slogan or the visual that suits you, you will deliver a strong message. A useful gift for smokers, of course, but also for non-smokers who can encourage those around them not to throw away their cigarette butts and use it themselves during clean-up operations or Urban plogging.

The pocket ashtray we offer is ingenious, its easy closing system ensures a hermetic anti-odour hold. It can hold up to 8 butts and weighs only 15 grams.

Made of tinplate with a one-colour pad print or four-colour adhesive, this promotional item is made to last. More than a corporate gift or promotional goodie, it will fulfil its ecological mission thanks to its user and thanks to you!

This promotional pocket ashtray is made of 85% recycled plastic and 15% oyster shells... What a great idea!

cendrier de poche personnalisable

Our pocket ashtray in few figures...


Size Weight Material Origin Capacity Plastic Available colours Customisation
150mm 50mm 18 gramms White Iron 100% France 8 butts

100% recyclable

Pink, Green, Blue, White, Red, Grey, Orange, Light blue, Raspberry, Yellow One colour pad printing

How can we raise awareness about butt collection?

By organising events around waste collection, such as our Urban plogging. An excellent way of creating social links between your residents or your teams, these events are very useful as you will all benefit from the cleaning of parks, lakesides, and gardens. On this occasion, why not offer a pocket ashtray featuring your logo so that the participants feel valued? As a useful and ecological gift, the pocket ashtray is an ally (unfortunately!) against the pollution of our cities.



Who are the pocket ashtrays for ?

For  residents of a local community
For your employees during a team building session
For people attending a festival or a corporate event

Can I have a quote?

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