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Tri Multi

The all-in-one recycling bin which will help you be a successful and responsible company

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Designed to meet the requirements of waste collection and recycling within the offices of companies and communities, Tri Multi is an elegant recycling bin that can accommodate several types of waste.


You can easily customise your recycling unit to your brand's identity (see our achievements in Switzerland) so that it becomes a recycling point reflecting your image. We can print any visual of your choice, your logo, your tagline or your values on the unit, the choice is yours!

You can also personalise the icon symbols for the different types of waste as well as the openings of the containers.


As much as you want to implement recycling in your organisation, you're not keen in having ordinary plastic bins in the middle of your communal areas.

The Tri Multi will allow you to combine both functionality and design. It will become a part of your workplace environment and will fit in perfectly - a major plus for encouraging your employees to recycle their waste as part of their daily routine (as they surely do at home)!


You will be able to choose a bin with 2 to 5 openings on the container to encourage fast, efficient and systematic recycling.

What kind of waste can be put in the Tri Multi? No restrictions, we adapt to your needs and practices. For example, you can recycle plastic packaging, paper, cardboard, batteries, organic and household waste, bottle caps, glass, cartridges or metal waste.

If you have fire resistance requirements🔥 be aware that our recycling bins are made of aluminium, a material that does not burn and if the type of waste you are collecting requires it, you can opt for a solid cover to smother the flames inside the unit.


We support you in your responsible business approach, which is why our product is made with 80% recycled aluminium, only 1hour and a half from Geneva. It will be delivered flat packed to save on shipping costs, road traffic and CO2. Once delivered, the unit can be installed instantly without tools or assembly. The recycled plastic bins are delivered with the units.

The step is taken, the turning point of your transition begins!

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What is the Tri Multi?

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How does the Tri Multi work?

What is the concept of the Tri Multi?

It's easy: you're going to replace the time-consuming collection of small office bins by elegant shared ecopoints conveniently located in your employees' work areas and communal spaces.

Each cap matches a type of waste (cans, plastic bottles, cardboard packaging, paper, leaflets and newspapers, non-recyclable waste, caps, lids, yoghurt pots, tissues, etc.). Thanks to our strong and distinct marking, all you need to do is to get your teams to respect the recycling instructions and therefore to increase their level of awareness of waste recycling, which is still too often ignored within companies.

Separate collection of waste will allow for better quality recycling, more efficient recycling and the opportunity to support channels that offer a second life to some of the waste. According to a study by the OFEV, Switzerland produces 80 to 90 million tonnes of waste per year, or an average of 700 kilograms per year per inhabitant. By 2019, half of this waste will be recycled, reaching 80% in paper recycling.

Make your company part of this great movement!

See here some REACTIS achievements in Swiss companies that have adopted our recycling solution.

How much room should you allocate for your recycling bin?

We can help you to rethink the different "green points" in your company according to your needs, your collection days and your operating methods.

Based in Switzerland, we can provide you with information on the recycling regulations of your town and canton so you know which unit is best suited to your environment and avoid any recycling errors.

Introducing smart recycling units that integrate into your company's design is an incentive to systematic recycling and a strong message to your employees that you are a responsible company. Our units range from a capacity of 2 x 20 litres to 5 x 65 litres and are available in the following sizes depending on the number of covers.

Size 0
2x20 litres
Size 0
3x20 litres
Size 0
4x20 litres
Size 1
3x60 litres
Size 2
3x110 litres
Size 2
4x80 litres
Size 2
5x65 litres
Height mini 45,5 cms 45,5 cms 45,5 cms 71 cms 81,5 cms 81,5 cms 81,5 cms
Height maxi 51,5 cms 51,5 cms 51,5 cms 79 cms 91 cms 91 cms 91 cms
Width 48,5 cms 73 cms 97 cms 88 cms 113,5 cms 113,5 cms 113,5 cms
Depth 22 cms 22 cms 32 cms 32 cms 34 cms 34 cms 34 cms
Material Aluminium/
Use Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside
Weight 1,5 kg 2,5 kg 3,5 kg 5,5 kg 7 kg 7 kg 7 kg
Inner container Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

If you prefer to install separate recycling units, you should go for our flexible, compact Tri Uno units!


Who are the Multi Tri recycling bins designed for?

Local authorities and public organisations
Companies: small to multinationals
Schools, associations and communities

Let's meet!

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