Making Recycling Elegant
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Reach your goal of being a responsible company with our top-of-the-range recycling bin which allows you to collect several types of office waste in a single unit.

100% customisable, 100% stylish, Tri Multi is ideal for your company's reception area or in your employees' offices.

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To save space in your recycling area, go for a 100% customisable, 100% stylish recycling unit that allows you to collect only one type of waste per unit: the Tri Uno, a top-of-the-range modular recycling bin.

These "mini gardens" help to reduce illegal dumping near buried recycling containers as well as beautifying your urban environment. 3D printed with 100% recycled plastics.


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This object has become part of our daily lives and is now an established part of public spaces.

We offer you an elegant and personalised gel dispenser to display your values: invest in a stylish non-contact disinfectant solution.

You have implemented a recycling policy within your organisation but you don't have a solution for your trade fairs, seminars and festivals? Show your will to make your event eco-friendly with our Trinomad. Customisable and foldable unit!

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The cigarette butt is the #1 enemy of our environment: react and offer these pocket ashtrays to your employees or residents during a waste hunt!
Reduce the pollution while raising awareness in your communities.

The R3D3 is a connected recycling robot that automatically recognises, sorts and compacts cans, cups and PET bottles. Make room for innovation and design to display your social and environmental values.