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The ideal folding recycling bin to display your values during your events.

Reactis poubelle de tri pliable entreprises

The Trinomad foldable recycling bin has been specially designed for temporary, eco-friendly events, both indoors and outdoors. With its large capacity, it allows you to easily display your corporate values to your visitors, guests, customers and partners. At last, a great design solution to your waste management and recycling problems during your workshop, festival, sports race or festive event!

Gone are the days of taped bin bags at the end of tables or black plastic buckets on the floor, hello the Trinomad bin with a capacity of 2 x 110 litres! You can easily transport about ten of them in the boot of an average car (seats folded down) in their reusable protective covers.

What kind of waste can be put in a folding bin? The choice is yours, depending on your needs and the type of event. For example, you can use the bin for recycling plastic packaging and bottles, cardboard, organic waste, bottle caps, paper, glass and metal waste.

The Trinomad bin has been designed for outdoor events, so it is not likely to bend in the slightest wind! Ballast accessories and a safety key are supplied with the bins. It is made of 80% recycled aluminium, which guarantees its solidity and lightness (only 5 kilos).

It's time to show off your ambitions!
You will be able to completely choose the design of your Trinomad (base and pictograms) by adding your logo, images, motto or catchphrases that suit you. The recycling instructions on the bin are clear and do not give any chance to recycling errors!

The TriNomad foldable recycling bin is made of recycled material. It allows for efficient waste collection and recycling. All you have to do is put a bin bag in each bin and drop it off at your usual collection point. Your event venue will be cleaner thanks to these recycling bins. You can then be proud of having organised an event that may not be 100% zero waste but that in any case finds solutions for your waste!

poubelle tri sélectif pliable montagne

The TriNomad in a few figures

Capacity 2x110 litres
Height (when folded) 122 cms
Width (when folded) 37.5 cms
Deep (when folded) 3 cms
Height (when unfolded) 95 cms
Width (when unfolded) 37.5 cms
Deep (when unfolded) 66 cms
Material Aluminium/Composite
Use Outdoor/Indoor
Weight 5kg
Bin bag jamming Yes
Inner bin No
Accessories supplied Ballast bag, transport bag, safety key

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Who are the foldable bins TriNomad made for ?

Public authorities and organisationses
Organisers of seminars, team-buildings and corporate events
Organisers of festivals, concerts and public events

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