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Our recycling solutions for companies



Horlogerie Frederique Constant à Genève | Tri Multi 2021

Why recycling in companies?

Employees are 5.3 times more likely to stay with a company if their values are aligned with those of the organisation. This study conducted by "The Great Place to Work" is clear: COVID 19 and climate change have heightened the expectations of employees in Swiss companies in terms of social responsibility.

Indeed, employees are thinking about their positive impact on their environment and their workplace. Your communication around these topics and the actions you take is becoming more important.

On the one hand, the production of waste is becoming more and more of a concern. Although we agree that the best waste is the one that is not produced, the reality is that waste in companies exists! Managing and recycling has always been an individual issue on a daily basis. At the end of the day, employees need a sense of purpose. It is time to show them that you want to be part of a company that is committed.

The implementation of recycling is often the first step for responsible companies; working with a service provider such as REACTIS will allow you to take the next step.

How can you raise awareness of recycling in your company?

Have you set up a waste management policy in your organisation's offices and communal areas? Are recycling instructions posted in high-traffic areas? Do you encourage your employees to collect waste collectively?

These questions are essential in order to establish automatic behaviour around waste production, recycling and collection.

This will certainly involve some changes in your organisation, but the positive impact on your staff's feeling of belonging to your company will soon be felt.

To conclude, adopting an eco-responsible approach will:

  • strengthen your employer brand with the younger generation
  • satisfy the current environmental concerns of your employees
  • improve well-being in the workplace in order to create positive value

How to recycle in your company?

Most Swiss companies provide each desk with a small bin. As a result, organic waste, plastic packaging, batteries and paper are all thrown in together. The cleaner then comes by every evening to empty and change the bin without recycling the waste. This is extremely time-consuming and therefore costs money.

Multiplying the sub-optimisation of each individual bin to the use of dedicated drop-off points equipped with recycling bins is clearly an ecological disaster. Indeed, this process does not lead to recycling, second life, reuse or energy recovery! Recycling and integration companies lose out, as does the planet.

Recycling one tonne of glass packaging saves the equivalent of the environmental impact of a laptop used continuously for 1.7 years (Swissrecycling study).

Finally, when the instructions are clear, recycling is child's play. Throwing things in the bin without thinking about it will no longer have a place in your responsible organisation.

You are in favour of a waste collection policy, but you don't want to put a plastic bin in the middle of your communal areas?

We understand this and that is why we offer you collective and elegant recycling solutions!

Our recycling bins in your entrance hall, in the communal areas for relaxation, meals, work and meetings, as well as at the disposal of your customers, will show your environmental approach.

By challenging everyday habits, you will strengthen group cohesion among your teams, improve their well-being aswell as their attachment to their company.

Take the step with Reactis!


"Le Temps" in Geneva | Tri Multi 5 flux 2021.

Entreprise générale Doutaz à Bulle | Tri Uno 2021

The benefits of recycling bins for your company


As you can see, an ecopoint equipped with containers is emptied less often than several individual bins. This means that the cleaning staff will be able to reduce the frequency of their visits. The savings will also be felt at the time of waste collection, since a tonne of non-recyclable waste is invoiced at around 300 francs plus tax, while PET recycling and Igora will take back these materials for just a few cents.

Each waste has its own bin, thanks to distinct labelling and colour coding! You can also choose the type of waste you wish to recycle according to the practices and habits of your employees: glass, plastic, paper, organic waste, electrical equipment, plastic packaging, ink cartridges, etc.

Last but not least, our recycling bins are made of recycled and non-flammable materials: noble materials for an outstanding design..... and we prove it to you with this video: it's solid!


Choosing recycling bins is also a responsible investment for the future, it is a concrete action for everyone to see. By making your teams, customers, partners and investors aware of the need to produce less, recycle better and reuse, you are showing your commitment.

With REACTIS SA, you can totally customize the recycling units to reinforce your identity within your company!

To summarise, a strong message that you send to demonstrate your values. Your turnover will be affected in a positive way.

Achievements in companies

You want to implement an environmental approach in your company but you don't know where to start? Think about recycling! This action is simple to implement and has a positive impact on the environment. What's more, it can save you money. Here are some examples of companies that have taken the step...


Coworking QG Center

A brand new workspace in Bussigny in the Lausanne area, the QG Center will welcome both offices and all those who want to have a new and unique working atmosphere... An innovative concept, with a real desire to bring people together and a strong awareness of recycling, the HQ Center equips its ultra-modern cafeteria with a Tri Multi composed of 6 recycling bins.

REACTIS SA Tri selectif entreprises et collectivites (65)

Centre Porsche Lausanne

Porsche has long defended the values of innovation and dynamism. The Lausanne dealership chose Reactis to equip its reception area with this elegant Tri Multi recycling unit in line with their image.

cabinet avocats Schellenberg Wittmer SA meuble tri selectif personnalisable

Schellenberg Wittmer SA

Schellenberg Wittmer SA, a leading business law firm in Geneva, is committed to a very strong sustainable development approach. Making recycling easier by providing their Geneva offices with recycling points in their image is part of their role as a responsible company.

Bernard Nicod tri selectif reactis

Groupe Bernard Nicod

A key player in the real estate sector throughout French-speaking Switzerland, the Bernard Nicod Group has been serving its clients for more than 40 years with a desire to constantly evolve. In step with the times, the group has developed an awareness of recycling and has opted for Tri Multi recycling units that are completely integrated into their environment.

reactis-sa-gestion-des-dechets-qim-info (8)

Qim Info

QIM Info is an IT services and engineering company located in Carouge in the Canton of Geneva with over 200 consultants. In order to facilitate their waste collection system, their collective spaces are now equipped with beautiful recycling points for an environmental approach!

tri uno reactis Tennis club Nyon

Nyon Tennis Club

With over 900 members, the Nyon Tennis Club aims to be a sporting venue, but also a pleasant and modern setting for its members and their families. In order to save space, the club has installed "Tri Uno" in its unused collective spaces, which can be easily modulated and adapted according to the club's attendance. No more multi-waste bin bags!


Nexthink is the Lausanne-based tech unicorn that needs no introduction! But did you know that their motto is "At Nexthink, our values are at the heart of everything we do"? Indeed, in order to improve the sorting of their packaging and the collection of their waste in their beautiful and refined Swiss offices, they chose our "Tri Uno" and "Tri Multi" recycling units in their sober versions.


Explorit is a centre for innovation, development and education, bringing together more than 50 brands in the gastronomy, leisure, business and service sectors. Committed to "the new generation, the guarantor of our future", Explorit thus displays its environmental approach. In the heart of Y-parc in Yverdon-les-Bains, Explorit has selected Tri Multi recycling bins from several suppliers. Thanks to separate collection, they guarantee their visitors and employees the chance to recycle and reuse the waste left behind!


The law firm BRS in Geneva, named one of the best law firms in Switzerland, has chosen our Map Monde model to sort PET (the main plastic used in plastic bottles), paper, cardboard packaging and non-recyclable waste without error. In order to keep the waste out of sight, but at the same time to make recycling easier, they finally opted for the full-cap drop-off points, thus combining elegance with modern recycling.

Incyte Biosciences International

The biopharmaceutical company based in Morges has moved into new premises with the aim of maintaining the existing premises while promoting the well-being of users. It was decided to set up a recycling system for the waste produced within their walls in order to separate, collect and recycle it efficiently. It is therefore quite natural that they chose the Tri Uno modular recycling solution with bins, magnets and cushions in a printed version in order to display their identity and their environmental values.

reactis l'élégance du recyclage


REACTIS SA is the exclusive distributor of Naturen products throughout Switzerland. We share the same values! Their designers had fun with this magnificent realization specially prepared for the shows: Vivre l'entreprise and the Salon des Achats et l'environnement de travail in Paris. Naturen offers a wide range of recycling solutions for all types of waste, from plastic to cartridges, from paper to cardboard packaging, from yoghurt pots to glass bottles. Disposing of waste in the bin has never been so easy and efficient!

reactis l'élégance du recyclage (1)


The founders of Reballs, a Swiss association working for the recycling and transformation of tennis balls, selected the Tri Uno for its 360° customisation possibilities, its lightness, its ease of transport and storage. Sorting and recycling are in the DNA of this association and we are proud to have allowed them to display their values by giving up the traditional bin bag: it is no longer a bin but a communication tool!

PepperHub in Gland

This work and event space for private offices or coworking, wants to offer its users a pleasant space to work and be inspired. The interior architecture being magnificent, it is indeed an elegant recycling unit rather than a classic waste bin that was going to fit in this modern and friendly atmosphere. The place is now equipped with a stylish recycling point for depositing and sorting waste: clear sorting instructions for optimal recycling!


The offices of Reactis SA are located in the I Life City Regus coworking space in Etoy. Maximising unused collective space and saving energy costs are values we share! Regus chose to install one of our hydroalcoholic gel dispensers to guarantee the safety and cleanliness of its many visitors and employees. A stylish dispenser in the reception area of a company is a sign of trust and welcome.

Multinational Company

For security reasons, we are not allowed to disclose the name of this French multinational, but as you can see, our waste separation units can be completely customised to your image according to your sector of activity and your visual identity. Whatever the size of your company, the sorting, collection and recovery of the waste you produce within your organisation is a crucial issue...Take the step!

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